Thursday, June 07, 2007


So my office isn't very big and I am constantly tripping over my purse or my brief case or the myriad of crap that I drag to work day after day. It is annoying, and considering my coordination, or lack thereof, dangerous. Also, my bags tend to be pricey (much more so than the stuff inside which I am sure doesn't say good things about my personality but oh well) and it irks me to drop them on the floor. So, I had me a dilemma. I could continue to trip and contaminate the bottom of my bags with inmate cooties, or I could hang my stuff on the hook behind my door give up the easy access. But then inspiration struck. I went in search of a hook on a door that no one used, and when I found it, I took it and ta da. Now many would say it is ghetto-as-hell to hang your purse on the wall behind your desk. But I say, no hater, it ain't ghetto-as-hell, it is ghettofabulous!

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