Friday, June 08, 2007

Oh Yah!

According to my informal polling the green & purple yarn wins by a landslide. Jungle Boogie indeed! So now it is simply a matter of digging out my modified Monkey pattern and casting on, which I'll do tonight. I am hoping these Monkeys will be met with pleasure and enthusiasm so I hedged my bets and followed the advice of Figino in my comments. I sent my pal a note asking her if there was anything she hated or anything she loved. Hopefully she won't announce a hatred of the Monkey!

I've also made a very impromptu decision. Because I am wild and crazy like that. I am going to ... wait for it ... make two different pairs of socks ... at once ... oh god! Crazy! I'm going to cast on a pair of Sidewinders for myself!

In case you didn't know, I had a total love affair going on with the sideways sock. When I ordered my Opal Hundertwasser, it was because I wanted to make the sideways sock. I saw that yarn, in that pattern, and fell in love. So when I finally decided to make a test pair (because I was not going to use The Yarn for it) and the test pair was a knitting abomination, well, I was destroyed. I tried over and over and over again and in the end, I gave up. I even gave the test yarn away. I was very sad, and also maybe a little angry and said, "Fuck!", and, "Fucking fucker fuckity fuck fuck", and, perhaps, "Go fuck yourself fucking fuckers." Like I said, a little angry.

So it was with both great optimism and skepticism that I approached the Sidewinder. Several people gently nudged me over to nonaKnits to see if I would crack. I didn't. So then a few of my SnB peeps decided to knit them, and some even cast on earlier this week, while I was watching. And I was so envious and wanted to start right then, right now, now, now. But I said to my self, "Self, don't be an asshole. Finish your chevron socks and then do your sockapalooza socks and then you can do your sidewinders. Patience is a virtue." Well patience be damned! I want to do the sideways socks so I am going to do 'em! I have a plan to try to finish them before I go one vacation so that I can concentrate on my sockapalooza socks while traveling.

Speaking of the chevron socks, they are done! Pictures to come. They are very warm and not summery at all, so it will be a couple of months before I can wear them. But that is okay, they sure are pretty.

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Sockapalooza4pal said...

I've got some of this yarn for socks for my sister. I'd live to see a WIP picture of what it looks like in the Monkey pattern.