Monday, June 11, 2007


Since eight o'clock this morning, I have listened to the chirp of the smoke detector. Apparently two of the ones in my office need new batteries. Not just one, but two. Instead of addressing this incessant (one chirp every five seconds) chirping right now (or anytime in the last few hours), someone has decided to just leave the matter be. Several people complained. Nothing is being done. I offered to climb the chair and change the batteries myself, but I was told no. I'm developing a facial tick. My eye is twitching.

I called to complain to my husband about this. When he answered the phone I asked how he was doing. He replied, "I want to punch some people in the head." I took that to mean he wouldn't show the proper outrage over my chirping problem so, being the supportive wife that I am, I offered to punch some people for him. But only if I could start with some of the folks in my office.

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