Monday, June 11, 2007

Am I On Candid Camera?

Ummm ... what the hell?

I know I can flake out at times. My mind wanders and I am totally lost in Lala Land. I got it. But how the hell did I miss this? Last night I was winding the yarn for my Pal's second Monkey. Everything sounded like it was going smoothly but at one point when I looked down I noticed that something was HORRIBLY wrong. I've never seen anything like this nor have I heard of anyone doing this. I believe this puts me in the running for '07 Bonehead of the Year. My husband was down stairs working on work, work that like, maybe pays our bills. But that didn't stop me from dragging him away to come help me unmess my mess. It took the two of us twenty minutes, but we got the thing unwound and back on the swift.

He left and I started to ball it again and things were going smoothly until, thwack! It happened again. Fortunately, I saw the first little bit go haywire, so I stopped and undid it. It took me several tries and some luck, but I finally figured out what happened. The metal bit you feed the yarn through was swooped around front (I assume because I had the ghetto tiny table, mini-swift, ball winder set up going on in full effect), which caused the yarn to feed into the winder wonkily, which then caused the yarn to wind around the winder itself. So, if the metal bar thing was pushed out and stayed there, things went fabulously. Which was fine and dandy, but since the metal bar wanted to come forward, it was not so fine and dandy.

In the end, I had to use my heel to hold the bar back (I'm telling you, it is nothing but class at Chez SPR). Fortunately my contortions worked so that I had everything ready to roll in time for The Sopranos.

Speaking of which, can I just take a moment to say how conflicted I was with the ending. I mean, I know Six Feet Under set the bar WAY high for series finales, but come on. I wanted more Soprano mafia stuff. They did a great job in creating tension in that last diner shot. I think everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for something, anything, to happen. Well anything other than the screen going blank. There were so many great bits to that episode (FBI guy sleeping with FBI girl to get info for Tony, how awesome was that?!?), that it sucks that there was not something a little more in the way of the mafia stuff. I mean, I get it. All that shit with Bobby and Sil and Phil, it was di rigeur mafia life, but come on. I wanted more.


knitty_kat said...

I was going to mention that it was the metal feeder, but you figured it out!

I wind on my coffee table and tend to put my remote in face down in front of the feeder to prevent it from sliding.

Kristy said...

Are you sure the metal feeder is locked into place? It comes unlocked (for packaging reasons), but it should really "snap" so it's centered.