Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cheese Head

Earlier this week, I was reading Janet Evanovich's latest Stephanie Plum book, Lean Mean Thirteen. The book wasn't bad. I loved that series, from inception, with passion and verve. In fact, my love of the Plum books was such that I use to barter sexual favors with my husband if he would get his best friend, who was an editor at the book's publishing house, to get me an advance copy. Sometimes he could, and other times he couldn't. He has since moved on from that job which makes me VERY SAD. But anyway, Stephanie Plum series, loved it. These days, my love is more like. I am finding the love triangle a little tired, the exploding cars a little redundant, and Stephanie's lack of growth disappointing BUT I still really like the books because they are funny (torture by needle anyone?) and the writing is enjoyable to read.

So, I was reading Thirteen, and macaroni and cheese kept cropping up in the story. Now it may have only come up once or twice, but when it did, it stuck in my brain like white on rice. I was going to similize (is that a word?) with stink on shit, but decided the food simile was better and more apropos since I am talking about food. Which I guess means I shouldn't have just said that last sentence or so since I just erased all of my thoughtfulness. Anyhizzle, I could not stop thinking about macaroni and cheese. Which is great and all but I was home, it was late, and I had no macaroni and cheese, nor did I have the right ingredients to make it. What to do?

Why go all MacGyver and use whole wheat spaghetti, skim milk, reduced fat cheddar, and an assload of butter to cover up the fact that your milk and cheese are of the more healthy variety. It also helps if you have some whole wheat bread you can toast, slather in yet more butter, and make into bread crumbs with a little of that dried mystery spice "Italian herbs" to cover up the fact that you macaroni and cheese looks a little off.

I have to say that the my little experiment turned out quite delish, if not as healthy as the list of ingredients may imply. I was pleased with myself, even if it looked like an amorphous blob and not the piece de resistance of mac and cheese. Not withstanding its look, it was so good, I thought about calling it a cassoulet.


Rebecca said...

Hey, but do you really want to spend your time lining up those little tubes in the dish so you can bake them?

Yours looks quite tasty, anyway.

barbp said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment last week. OOOhhh a review on a Stephanie Plum book and I didn't realize it was out. I've been feeling the same way on the books leading up to this one. Hopefully Janet E will develop her character. Nothing quite like Grandma Mazur to brighten up my day. Tuning up the macaroni and cheese to a cassoulet does give it a certain j'ne sez quoi (spelling I don't know *Laughing*)