Friday, July 27, 2007

One Is The Loneliest Number

It hasn't been all play time and cooking at Chez SouthPark (though I did make some delicious brownies for dinner last night and found them particularly delightful for breakfast today), there has also been some knitting.

There, unfortunately, has not been cleaning, which means that I will be spending my Friday night with the toilet, and not because I plan to overindulge in the spirits and have a rocking time (I may do that Monday night when Joan jets in from DC for dinner), but because I have the pest control guy coming over Saturday morning and god forbid he think that we are the type of people that don't scrub our toilets on a use by use basis. Actually, I do basically scrub the toilets on a daily basis which is good, I do not, however, put away my laundry or sweep up the pet hair tumble weeds with any sort of regularity (or um, ever, unless someone is coming over). Both of which Mr. Pest Control is likely to notice. I wish there was someone I could pay to come over and put away my laundry and sweep the floors. I mean, I am sure there is, but I'm broke and the cleaning fairies aren't likely to do it for $5.00 an hour - gah! that isn't even enough, didn't the federal minimum wage just get raised to like $20 and hour, or um, $5.85 an hour?

So, me, cleaning tonight, sans cleaning fairies. Which means I won't have much time to give this guy a friend. He looks like he wants a friend doesn't he? I started the second sock and put the Monkey ped on the back burner for now. But then I had to put the second Wild Kat sock on the back burner too, because maybe I forgot to bring the directions to SnB and the only thing I could work on was the Kangaroo Duo sweater (finished the front pocket!). At least I didn't lose them. The directions have been placed with the socks now, so once I clean out the mountains of Cat and Dog DNA, I can get to knitting.

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