Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Desculpe, não falo português.

The mystery project, or the project I haven't photographed because I can't find my camera or I am lying about it and have my camera and just want to be mysterious, not to be confused with Mystery Stole 3, a project that has beading with a crochet hook, something I learned this weekend and would totally be working on if only I had actually really read the info on the Mystery Stole 3 in time, well THAT mystery project is almost done. I worked on it last night while watching the Home Run Derby. A Home Run Derby that won me a five minute massage (Thank you Alex Rios!), despite being extremely boring.

During my knitting derby time, I realized I have to take a trip to the store for a VERY important component. Something I thought I had, and very well may have had had at one point, but have since lost. Assuming I can find the thing at the store, and then get it home without losing it, or anything else, then I should be able to finish it tonight. If I can manage this, which as recent events have shown is somewhat iffy, then, I will give a great big unveiling at SnB on Wednesday and if that goes well, then on the blog. Though I am nervous. Let's just say that the reception of the mystery knitted goodness by the one person who saw said mystery goodness, my loving supportive husband, well, it was somewhere along the lines of "Good God! I can't believe you are actually making that. I shall never get this image out of my head. I think you must now provide me with financial compensation for ruining my retinas."

Speaking of all things vision, I have found two missing items ... the contact lens solution and the pen. Mind you these are two of the shittier items I lost and not the items I would choose to recover, if only two items were recoverable. I think there is a lesson in there somewhere. Like if you are going to wish on a shooting star, be specific ... Star light, star bright, blah blah blah I wish I find ALL of my stuff tonight.

P.S. The shower glove is the best invention for the shower since ... um, soap? Anywho, they are gloves, made of somewhat scratchy material, that you use like a wash cloth in the shower so that you exfoliate and cleanse all at once. The material is light and airy so that it is bendy and flexible (unlike a loofah glove which is not bendy and flexible) and it dries off pretty quickly. Comparatively, the wash cloth neither exfoliates nor dries quickly and is a big ole dud.

I am in no way endorsing this company, all my gloves came from H20 Plus back when it made the gloves extra scratchy (and BeFri worked there and always seemed to get them for free), nonetheless, here is a link to several variations so that you can see what I mean. If you have never used a shower glove, and you decided to give 'em a try, prepare to be wowwed. I would recommend that you look for the scratchier ones as part of the wow factor is the extra good exfoliation.

P.P.S. Desculpe, não falo português. = Sorry, I don't speak Portuguese Senhor Spammer, so don't leave your junk in my blog trunk.

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Rebecca said...

You know, my mom gave me a shower glove in some gift basket and I just threw it into the linen closet, saying "What good is THIS thing?" Maybe I should try it out.