Monday, July 09, 2007

Property Dementia

My damn sock is still friggin missing and I am not happy about it. I wasn't in love with the sock per se. I have another pair of socks in that yarn that I like well enough because of the fit and style. But, eh. The yarn, it always looked dirty to me. I like the colors in general, but together, dirty. The needle, it didn't really light my fire. Oh, and it still turned my finger black. The stitch markers, well them I liked, but I can make more. Nonetheless, despite my overall apathy about the project itself, I am still irked. How could I lose it?!? What the hell is wrong with me? I went back to the bookstore to see if anyone turned it in to lost and found.

As an aside, I have to tell you what I did in hopes that talking about my dorkishness will atone for said dorkishness. I somehow reverted to my inner child, embarrassed about my inability to keep track of my stuff, and while at the lost and found area I claimed I was checking for a "friend" who I knit with on Wednesday nights at that store who had lost her knitting just two nights before. I admitted to being a knitter who knits a that store. But I couldn't seems to acknowledge that it was my knitting that was MIA. In hindsight (and even at the time) I realize my fabrication was both lame and slightly Sybil. Didn't stop me from making up a friend though. Me = Dork.

So back to my missing sock. I not only checked the lost and found "for my friend," I checked the area around where we knit (except for the actual chair that I sat in because there was a dude sitting in it and I thought he might get weird if I started groping around his ass area). So I can only assume my sock is gone. Like gone daddy gone. I love you Violent Femmes. This makes me sad and angry. Also, a bit fearful, because I am sensing a trend.

This weekend a friend hosted a lovely girls/knitting weekend at her family's beach cottage. I know I packed up all of my stuff when I left and I left nothing behind. I know everything I own made it into my car. So, it is a great mystery to me how I managed to lose my prescription-I-need-these-to-see-because-I-am-blind-as-hell-without-them-glasses, some contact lens solution, a shower glove, a pink hair clip, a measuring tape, my brain, a pen, my blue tooth hands-free ear piece thing, a bracelet, and probably a few more things which I have yet to need so I don't know they are missing or that I can't see that are missing because I don't have my glasses. Of my lost items, I found one. The shower glove. And, truth be told, I didn't find it. My friend did. Lying on the ground by the trunk of my car. Which I am sure was a fate that was similar to my sock, without the whole "finding the lost thing" part.

In sum, I need a keeper. Also, have you seen my stuff?

Even though I can't seem to keep my shit together, I decided to start a new knitting project. A project which I almost finished this weekend but just has a few finishing details. Normally I would give you an in-progress picture or two, but since I am so close to the end, I'll keep you in suspense. Oh, and I might also have just maybe "misplaced" my camera.


Rodrigo said...

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Sue said...

ummm, wtf is up with that 1st comment? anyway...what the hell is a shower glove? and you lose way too much stuff, i really liked that sock, i hope you find it!

Rebecca said...

Portuguese spam. That's a new one.

I think all your lost things are off having a party together. That sock is wearing your glasses right now and drinking contact solution.

And I want to see progress that certain mysterious project you started, I loaned you the book! Don't make me wait until Wednesday! ;)

Rebecca said...

Yeah ok I am retarded, Rodrigo's English is better than mine. Progress ON.