Monday, July 23, 2007

Status Quo

So far this morning, I:
  • broke a buckle on my shoe;
  • dropped my water bottle twice, spilling water in my car trunk and losing the bottle lid;
  • had my microwave safe container of beefaroni (breakfast of champions) explode so violently in the microwave that the rubber lid (with, ironically, holes to allow air to escape and prevent explosions) left a prefect outline in sauce on the microwave door front window where it hit;
  • fell off my chair; and,
  • dropped a contact lens on my office bathroom floor - eewww!

You could say that I have a case of the Mondays, but I am still in a decent mood, so maybe not. I figure my recent turn in luck is to balance my fabulous weekend where I spent relaxing hours on the beach knitting away, fun hours chasing my husband and dog at the park, and productive hours finding missing things like my glasses and my bracelet. Also, I have JFC chilling in my DVR for tonight's viewing pleasure and salmon chilling in the fridge for tonight's dining pleasure, so how bad can today be? Did I just tempt fate to show me? Damn that was dumb. JFC will have been miraculously erased and my fish will have ptomaine. Now THAT would suck!

I had thought about calling out sick today because there is a fun party thing at my husband's office this morning. But I decided not to, which may have been smart since several other people in my office are out today. Or, it may have been dumb since that means there are less people to keep Crazy occupied and out of my office. If it turns out that my husband's morning is gobs of fun and I am stalked by Crazy, I may change my perspective on the day. I may also have a banana daiquiri for lunch, hold the banana, and the ice.

On the knitting front, I finished one of my Wild Kat socks and have started the toe of the other. I have also done several repeats on the Monkeys and am ready to start the gusset. I decided to heed your advice and send only the original Monkeys as planned but also, as suggested by Rebecca, add a note indicating I am (crazy) fearful that the socks might be too snug and so have a pair of peds set aside in case the Monkeys are too tight. To be fair, and for full disclosure, it wasn't so much y'all that convinced me as much as the fact that I love how these new socks are knitting up. They are a little loose on me, but not so lose that I can't keep them.

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