Thursday, July 19, 2007

Um, What?

People! I have found my stitch guagerthingamajiggy. What? You didn't know it was missing? Well it was. Just one more thing in the series of things I have lost (including but not limited to my brain which I don't miss so much and my glasses which I totally do miss). But missing no more, is my stitch gauge. I found it and decided to celebrate by bringing it to work this morning. Yah, what the hell kind of celebration is that, I have no idea. But I was so happy to see it, I threw it in my purse where, consequently, it will get lost again.

Not lost is the poodle wine bottle cover that winged its way to Opa and is now being loved (in ways that I can only hope are legal). Opa said he'll 'hug him, and kiss him and squeeze him and call him George.'* Okay, maybe I added the George part. And cleaned up the reported signs of affection for my G-rated audience. Heh!

I do realize that some dirty pervs could put things other than wine bottles in the poodle cover, but since Opa is not that much of a dirty perv, I am sure things will be fine. And let's see if I can pull this out of the gutter now? Umkay? So, Opa, wine, poodle. He did comment that George (I guess that name is going to stick now) is much nicer than the poodle wine bottle cover he purchased on eBay. Huzzah. I am sure that this is because of the fantabulous tiny face pompoms that KAN made. She rocks! I think we should go into business and mass produce Georges. We would first need to create a market, but how hard can that be? There is a sucker born every minute. Two words: Pet. Rock.

And, unrelated, two more words: Ravelry. Flickr. I've been a member of Ravelry for a little bit now and have been somewhat of a dud as an active participant. Mostly because you need a Flickr account to upload your photos. Bah, I say, bah! Thus far, that is my one and only complaint. I love searching the site and looking at other people's projects and I'd love to add my projects, if for no other reason than for my own personal enjoyment, but I hate the thought of having to open a new account (obviously I don't have a Flickr account) and then uploading pictures over there first, before being able to put them on Ralvery. And that, is all I have to say on that.

But I do have something to say about Sockapalooza, or more like something to bemoan, because I am crazy, and also, because I have not bemoaned enough of late. As if. Heh. So. Last night at SnB, my friend L was knitting a pair of Broadripple socks (which are gorgeous an strikingly similar to my Chevron socks and something I now definitely need to add to the things-I-may-one-day-knit-if-only-there-were-34-hours-to-a-day-or-if-I-could-quit-my-job-and-get-paid-to-knit-stuff-for-me-and-only-me list) for her Sockapalooza Pal. Which is really nice. But she already knit a beautiful pair for her pal. And these Broadripples are a second pair of just-in-case-the-others-don't-quite-fit variety.

Now, being that I am a jerk, I was all, "Nooo, the others will totally fit. (Totally true. I do think they will fit.) You so do not need to make a second pair!" And she was all, "But what if they don't fit? These are a little bigger and stretchier so they will totally fit." And I was all, "Well then you should keep the first pair for yourself. (Because the first pair is awesome and also, it is setting a bad precedent of being too generous!)" And yes, you probably have noticed that shows that she is generous and nice and I'm assholian and selfish, but whatever, that is not the point. Focus!

So, after seeing her act of kindness, I started thinking and getting nervous that my pal's Monkeys wouldn't fit and that I was totally deluding myself into thinking that they will. When I got home I pulled them out and tried them back on again. Now it may have been the excessive amount of caffeine in my system (love you B&N cafe), it may be that I am gaining fat in my feet and ankles, it may have been that someone broke into my house and swapped out the Jungle Stripe Monkeys I knit with another pair of Jungle Stripe Monkeys, or it may be that my mind was messing with me, but I swear the things felt not at all loose. Which they should since my pal's feet are bigger than mine! They felt like they fit normal but not with a lot of extra stretch. Soooo, I say crap. And hell. And damn. And even fuck!

And I say now I have a dilemma, and I have a solution, I think. I want opinions. Por favor. So here is what I am thinking. I am going to send my pal the Monkeys that I made for her. No question about that. But, I am thinking of hopping on the L train and also sending my pal another pair of socks as a just-in-case-the-others-don't-quite-fit pair. But, because I am not a super speedy awesome knitter like L, and also because I have basically a week, I am thinking of a ped (my latest trend in sock knitting, or the sock of sock knitting slackers, depending on your point of view). Specifically, a ped that is knit toe-up, with the monkey pattern on the top and a picot edge/bind off. This sounds like a great little ped in general huh? And it sounds totally doable in a week. Right? I even have the red yarn I was originally thinking about using for my pal just waiting to be used.

So here's my question ... do I knit the ped and cover my bases in case I am not being crazy and the original Moneys are too tight, or do I say, "Pushaw! They will fit!" and blindly go on with my current socks for me as if I don't have a care in the Sockapalooza world?

* Mistress Google has let me down and not been able to tell me where that quote really came from and the best my husband can do is tell me it was form a cartoon. Oy! Where is Miss Cleo when you need her?


Ann said...

It is from a cartoon....Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny meet the Abominable Snowman. Bugs dresses Daffy up to resemble a rabbit, because the Abominable Snowman wants a pet bunny to "hug him,....and call him George". Can't tell I watched too many cartoons as a child can ya? :)

MollyKnits said...

There are 1900 people ahead of me on Revalry.

Brena said...

I say send the socks and make a pair for you!!!!!

Rebecca said...

I think you should send the socks with a note to let you know if they don't fit. And then if they don't, make her some nice regular socks with the extra time. If I were doing a swap like that, I would be totally understanding if it happened and would be willing to wait for a replacement pair (heck, I'd probably figure I just had to deal with them as is).

Lisa said...

I'd only send the first pair. You used her measurements so it should be fine.

Gina said...

Yes, the "... and call him George" quote comes from Bugs Bunny, but it's a reference to a short novel called "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck. I love the way that Bugs is littered with references to literature and full of classical music.

Just send the pair you made. You used the measurements and they will likely fit just fine. I sent a pal a pair of alpaca socks once that turned out to be a close fit, but it was fine. Once I got a pair of socks that were too big and I don't wear them that much. If you think they'll be small that's probably going to be fine. It's if they're way too big that they don't get worn.