Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Things I Shouldn't Admit

It's not often that something totally tickles me to the point of idiocy. But I confess, John from Cincinnati has done this. Last night I was knitting while HBO rebroadcast Sunday's episode, an episode so awesome that: 1) it caused Boo and I to pause it several times and ask, "WTF?"; 2) it caused us to rewind bits because we were laughing and couldn't hear the show over our own guffaws; 3) it gave me a craving to listen to the some Morrissey; and, 4) it caused Boo and I to ask each other, "Do you get it? I don't think I get it. We better save it in case we need to watch it again. Did you say you got it?"

So anywho, good stuff on the ole boob tube last night. So good that I whipped out a post it note and wrote down some of the funny lines. That would be the idiocy part of the "tickling me to the point of idiocy." Because really, what am I trying to remember and why? If I ask, "What's your policy on guests smoking herb?" You are not going to say, "Not permitted!" You are not going to laugh knowingly (though I just totally cracked myself up here). No, you are going to either have me committed to Promises (Hi Britney! Hey Lindsay!) or tell me I have to share. If I tell you to, "Baptize that fucking pistol!" in my best infomercial voice, you're not going to spew soda from your nose because you are laughing so hard. You're going to step back a few feet. Slowly. Cautiously. So there you have it, me writing down funnies from a show that only one other person watches. Me, reaching an all new level of, um, me-ness.

Also, not related to anything other than me doing dumb things, yesterday Boo and I traded cars. But I seemed to have forgotten because last night I walked up to a black car and couldn't figure out why the remote was not unlocking the door. It took a few seconds for me to realize, "Hey! This is not my black car!" And then a few more seconds to realize, "Hey! We traded cars! I'm not even driving the black car, I'm driving the green one!" Then after I found my green car, and the remote still wasn't unlocking the door, I finally realized, "Hey! This remote is not for the green car!" Yah, yesterday was quite a day.

Notwithstanding my utter blond-oddballness, I did manage to get a few more rows done on my Wild Kat socks. The gusset is done and it is time to turn some heel. Hoo-YAH!


Lisa said...

I tried to get into the wrong car before. I totally felt like a dope and looked around to make sure nobody saw me do it.

Jason h said...

Hey! i'm going to cali this sunday.. gonna be there for a week, this is the site i was talking about where i made the extra cash. later!