Monday, August 13, 2007

The End Is Near

This weekend was spent in the yarn room. Not reclining on a chaise, sipping mint juleps while knitting along on a cashmere sweater in the yarn room. No, it was all unpacking box after box, untangling skein after skein, and placing yarn ever so gently on the shelf only to watch it come tumbling down two minutes later when the next ball of yarny goodness was trying to plop on the shelf. And just for the record, this yarn is never moving! Yarn fell, tumbled and rolled away, and of course unballed, so often that I've decided that the bookcases and yarn are going to be considered permanent fixtures and shall never moved except to be knit because I am not messing with this EVER AGAIN.

You would think that after spending all of the weekend, well except for the part where we went to the dog park, or when we went to get some ice cream, or when we went to the mall ... okay, a lot of the weekend, you would expect that after spending a lot of the weekend working on the yarn room we'd be done. But you'd be wrong because yarn room, still a work in progress.

I have all of my aunt's yarns unpacked and stored (though not in any sort of logical fashion) and most of my yarn too. My yarn? One shelf. Her yarn? As my husband said, "Holy fuck!" I have one sweater worth of yarn in our basement that has not been put away and none of my needles or notions have been loaded in. But since I need more furniture in which to put this stuff, things are kind of at a standstill.

So, to show you that I really have made some progress, I present you with a before (as in, before we moved in, this is what the room look liked and though the decor went with previous owners, the carpet and the wall color didn't, and maybe this isn't really a good before set since the one wall that isn't photographed is the one wall I am using for the yarn storage, but it is the best I've got so let's just go with it):

And, an after (which isn't totally an after since I'm not done yet and it is a crappy picture that really doesn't show you much other than those bookcases are loaded with an obscene amount of yarn and I was some what off kilter as I tried to get a photo of the yarn but couldn't back away enough to get it all in one photo):

So there you have it, 99% of my yarn put away in a somewhat orderly fashion. All of the pink bags contain partially knit projects which I will need to rip out and then reclaim the yarn, and the sweaters on the top shelf are waiting for finishing so I'll need to decide what to do about those too. Just thinking about this makes me tired. I need a nap. One more reason I totally need a nice chaise for the yarn room!


Rebecca said...

Wow, it's like a yarn shop! ;) That bookcase is so cool, how nice and organized to have your WIPs on it and everything.

A South Park Republican said...

My husband said the same thing ... "Holy Shit, it's like a yarn shop." I suspect he didn't have the same feeling when he said it though.

Beatrix Underwood said...

LOL yeah I wanna come shopping at your house!

barbp said...

Uhhhh....holy crap?!! Yep, I'm an amateur.

The Woolgatherer said...

All I can say is...WOW! Very impressive indeed

knittingnurse said...

Thank you SO much for being brave enough to post a picture of your stash. . . . I think that I have finally found someone that can challenge me on my "SABLE" status (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy in case you didn't know the acronym).

Sigh. I feel so much better now.

I have to got get my husband and show him that I am not alone.

Claire said...

OMG, I LOVE that YarnCase! Was it originally intended to be a bookcase? Was it something you already owned, or an aquired item For Yarn? I wanna DO THAT with my yarn! I can't show this picture to my stash, it'll get VERY jealous. :) Well Done!!