Monday, August 20, 2007


I haven't been posting as much as I usually do. Not because my life has settled down into normality, it hasn't, unfortunately. I've had boatloads of crazy, and Crazy, and maybe some goofy going on. But all this crazy/Crazy/goofy is taking up time, a whole lot of precious time*, all kinds of fun blogging time.

For example, this weekend my husband's oldest sister and her family came up for a visit. This wasn't really crazy or goofy, but it did eat up my free time. My husband was quite excited because he's lived in Connecticut for ten years and his sister was finally visiting for the very first time. I was excited because the mountain of pet hair accumulating behind the couch/love seat/television/bookshelf/any piece of furniture we have was finally going to be evicted. Not that I wasn't psyched to see my SIL and her brood, I was just a little more psyched that we were going to have a very clean house. Because honestly, isn't that the best part of having house guests? Yah, I had fun playing put-put golf (being that I shot not one but two legitimate holes in one because I am awesome and am the put-put golf master of the universe) but it really wasn't as exciting as sitting back on my freshly vacuumed couch, while my bare feet bounced around on our Stanley Steamered carpet and my eyes watched television on our freshly dusted screen. I mean don't get me wrong, we aren't total dirt bags when we are left to our own devices, but you may have to pick of a stray piece of lint or cat hair if you are employing the ten second rule.

So the house was clean and waiting for our guests who some how took a three hour drive and turned it into a five hour one. Which was fine because those extra two hours were vital in our preparations. You see when people stay with me they are quizzed on our amenities. Is this weird? Maybe, but it is also quite useful. During one such quiz session, Joan pointed out that it would be nice to have bedside lamps so that you could read in bed and not have to get up to turn off the light. Since I don't think I have ever had a bedside lamp, this was both foreign to me and a brilliant idea I had to act on. So brilliant that I forgot about it until about thirty minutes before my SIL's scheduled arrival. Fortunately they were still a state away and I had time to run up to the triple B and buy some bedside lampage. Crisis averted.

When they did arrive, a tour was given (although "tour" may be a misnomer because we don't live in some fifty thousand square foot mansion which would be nice but also weird because what the hell do you do with all that space) and the kids decided they didn't want to stay in the same room as their parents which meant they were going to bunk down in The Yarn Room. I found this oddly reassuring. This confirmed that my little yarn collection isn't really all that scary. I mean a twelve year old girl and nine year old girl were asking to crash on the air mattress right next to the bountiful yarny plushness. How scary could it be?

By the time they left I had somehow lost at Cranium and Life (the real 1963 version, not the new mamby pamby version that has Shady Acres or some such nonsense instead of the Poor Farm and lacks Revenge spaces), but had succeeded in spreading the joy of the playground spinning pole, so I would say it was a good visit.

I didn't get much knitting done while they were here, which is probably not surprising. Though I did get a row or two done on the Monkey peds showing my SIL's husband, an engineer, how to knit. He was intrigued but not interested in becoming a knitter. Odd, I know. I finished my Wild Kat socks some time ago but have not had custody of the camera and have been unable to photograph my pretties. Yah, yah, my husband's whole department is moving into new, high tech space and yah, they are going to have a mini JumboTron (MiniTron??)in their new office area which may be worthy of a picture or two, but hello, I need the camera for blogging purposes!

*Know where this came from? Yah, probably not. Like I said, I have had all sorts of goofiness going on, like this song floating around in my head.

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barbp said...

I am so ROTFLMAO - My SIL is arriving tomorrow night....Steve just mentioned - "wow, the house looks nice when it's clean, eh?"

Bed side lampage - definitely a must!