Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Today marks the fifteen year anniversary of my first date with Boo. Last year on this date, I waxed poetic about our anniversary and our first date. Okay, that is totally a euphemism as I am not really so poetic. In fact, I am so unpoetic (fuckity fuck fuck) that it might be more of a lie than a euphemism. And yes, I realize it's "an" euphemism not "a" euphemism but it sounds wrong in my head so I am taking poetic license, except, ergh, I am still not poetic so is it really my license to take?

In addition to our years-together anniversary, today is also the four year anniversary of our engagement. Four years ago today, Boo proposed while we standing at the top of the Empire State building looking toward Yankee Stadium, where we had our first date, and toward "the lesbian couch," where we had our first kiss.

So yah, today, big anniversary. We're celebrating with some bookcase staining and some regular old working. But not gift giving. This isn't a "here are some diamonds" kind of big anniversary. Since we aren't doing the gift thing, I decided to ask Boo to provide me a commemorative service. Not that kind of service you dirty perv (though I might reserve that kind of service request for later), I asked him to mail my sockapalooza box for me. And he did. Which makes me very happy. Which is the biggest reason we are still together after fifteen years. Not the mail thing, the making each other happy thing.

After fifteen years, Boo still makes me very, very happy. Yes, he can frustrate me like no other can. He can move me to the brink of violence like no other can. But, he can make me smile like no other can. Laugh like no other can. Blush like no other can. He can move me like no other can. In other words, he's perfect for me.

Thanks for fifteen years Boo! Happy Anniversary!


Boo said...

Me too, Boo ... me too. :)

KnittingJones said...

and he even builds you a yarn room! What a keeper.