Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Godspeed Little Monkeys

I mentioned yesterday that I mailed my Sockapalooza Pal's socks yesterday. And by "I", I mean "my husband" but we'll just pretend it was me and that I am not super suckey at making sure things get mailed out on time without a little help. Anyway, they were sent off priority mail to their new home, but not before I cleaned them up and packed them in.

As you may remember, these little socks have had quite a journey. They were attacked by my ball winder, well actually they were attacked by my ineptitude, with my ball winder merely the instrument of my evil, or, um, idiotic, ways. They flew across the country to Utah where they tanned at the Great Salt Lake, hung with some Mormans, and drank some booze. They also rode a zipline and an alpine slide, sat in a bobsled, rode on a chair lift, chilled at Sundance, and fell down a mini-mountain. From Utah they went to Colorado where they went to an amusement park, went swimming, checked out a couple of Continental Divides, saw some Yankee baseball, ran from some moose, and ate with many dead animals. From Colorado they went to San Francisco where they were locked up, biked up and over a really long bridge, watched Barry Bonds hit a home run, and enjoyed some pretty scenery. Once they were back at there temporary home again, they relaxed and recuperated with some John From Cincinnati (which they still don't get but totally enjoy). With calm restored, they were ready to be sent off to their new home.

But first, the little suckers needed a good bath. So I whipped out a packet of Soak (which I loved so much that I went out and bought a bunch more of the little packet sized Soaks because they are the perfect size for sink washing socks and a lot easier to deal with than a bottle, well at least for me, maybe this is totally inefficient, but it works for me so let's move on) and bathed the hell out of them. I made sure to wash behind their ears and put on their clean underwear to help insure that they make a good impression on their new mom.

Once they were clean and dry, I buckled them in, left some sustenance and a few other little things, wished them well, and sent them on their way.

I hope their new mom likes them!


pinky said...

I remember your socks as you worked on them. They are quite beautiful.

barbp said...

Lucky Monkeys!! You were even taken to my old stomping grounds - I recognize the hot springs pool in Glenwood Springs (Yes I lived in the town which is home to "that" amusement park - hangs head in shame).

Monkeys you are beautiful, and I hope she left you with enough food for the trip!