Monday, August 06, 2007


I think I may have mentioned that we are working on constructing my Yarn Room. And, well, still working on it. In the "progress" column we have trim painted, wall touch-ups touched-up, ceiling touch-ups touched-up, bookshelf frame stained, and rug purchased and placed. In the "will this ever end" column we have shelves, oh god the shelves, to finish staining, the other book case to stain (and can I just take a moment to comment on how absolutely miserable staining is? I have stained myself more than the furniture. But for the wonder of acetone, I would be a mahogany color right now!), and putting everything in and away. The latter of which is going to be sheer torture. I would whet your appetite with a before picture, but alas, I didn't take any. Whoopsie!

Anyhizzle, normally I would be hating the whole "going to work with all of this home repair shit in flux" thing, since I would rather be home slaving away on the room then at work slaving away on work, but today, not so much. Because Crazy? On vacation for an entire glorious week. So guess what, I am going to get some work done and then I am getting some knitting done! Yahoo! I haven't knit in ages, or um, since last Wednesday's SnB, same thing really. I have a gusset, a heel, and a bit of cuff and then the Wild Kat socks are ready to be worn.

Tomorrow I will have some knitting content for you, in that knitting content means, info and a picture or two of my Sock Pal's socks be sent off into the big bad world. I have visions of packing the box all pretty-like, filling it with nice little treats to compliment the socks and lining it with sugar plums, and pixie dust. I have visions of pictures so pretty, your heart will beat in excited thumps just hoping that the socks and their box of fun will be yours all yours. But this might be a hallucination due to stain fumes.

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