Friday, November 09, 2007

NaBloPoMo, ix

Bonus points for everyone! If you guessed, you were right. All of my whining was true. But today, today is a much better day. Not only did I have a fifty-five year old curmudgeonly man use the work "yeppers" (as in, yes, sure, no problem, yeppers) twice while talking to me, I got to see these gems on the back of a correctional officer's truck.

Can you make those beauties out? No, let me make 'em bigger ...

Seriously dudes, who in the hell puts that on his car? I'm assuming it is a him, but that is totally gender bias on my part. After seeing that as I was walking into work, I just had to laugh. I mean life, it could be worse. I could be married to the person that owns this car!

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