Sunday, November 11, 2007

NaBloPoMo, xi

My in-laws were here this weekend. Well, my MiL and a BiL and his wife. A tiny group compared to the herd that I married into. Only my MiL was staying with us, but that was reason enough to try to get the guestroom up and running again. Can you imagine telling your 72 year old MiL that she is crashing on the couch? So, not wanting to give up our bed ('cause we are selfish like that), we really busted ass to finish the room, and despite my oodles of snot and general malaise, we managed to get it done. Sort of. The room needs curtains and a television and some bedding newer than, say 1998. We also need to do something about the dresser in there that was my husband's from, well, way before 1998. So work still must be done, but it is back into usable condition. So I'm cool with it.

For your viewing pleasure we have some 'befores.'

Just like the last time I did some before and afters, my before pictures are really before, as in before we owned the house. But you can get the idea. See that brown wall? That is the textured wallpaper that hid a wall horrors. And see the shelves? They were painted into the wall, requiring dry wall repair when removed. I won't even get into the mess that was the carpet ... but only because the carpet is gone and I don't want to trigger some PTSD moments recalling it.

Now we have freshly repaired, primed and painted walls and real hardwood floors. We also have 'bookings' for the next couple of weekends. So hopefully we didn't miss something critical and none of our guests get beat up by a falling wall or a previously unseen floor tack.

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