Tuesday, November 20, 2007

NaBloPoMo, xx

NaBloPoMo, xx. Heh! One more 'x' and I'm going to have to add a disclaimer and an age requirement. Yah, so, maybe that only makes me giggle. Maybe we should move on. Today we had our first snowfall for the year. It, somewhat surprisingly, seems to have stuck. A little bit. Odd. But pretty. For now. Pretty until the sand truck comes and the cars drive and the white snow turns to muddy muck.

My front yard, in an impromptu photo shoot as I was backing out of the garage. Note the pretty red leaves which should have fallen BEFORE the snow fell. Someone, other than me, is going to have a shitty time dealing with them whenever they do get around to falling.

I wasn't really prepared for the snow to stick around today so I find my self improperly shod. I ended up holding hands with Office Manager as we walked to lunch since neither one of us had on decent shoes. We couldn't decide if the hand-holding was helpful and would prevent a fall, or dangerous as it would mean we'd both go down. In the end we managed to get there and back unscathed, so I am going with helpful.

And, speaking of shoes, another pair of hand-knit socks grace my feet today, only not in super cheap shoes. The shoes, though not great for snow, were bought in a real store! I got these shoes a couple of years ago because, ironically, I thought they would be good in the snow. The foot sole has tread, but the heel, no tread. Kinda sucks when you walk like, you know, a human, and put your heel down first. Well I assume that is how all us humans walk. Maybe I am a freak. I know I have to walk funny in high heels because of the heel first thing. Shit, now I am going to have to research this. Maybe I walk like a duck. Crap. Okay, let's talk about the socks. These puppies tested my knitting mettle. They seemed to have loosened up - good. But they have also faded - bad. Nonetheless, I like them and wear them.

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Rebecca said...

I do the heel first thing too. Maybe we are both mutants.