Monday, December 10, 2007

It Is Contagious

I lie here prostrate, under the demoralizing two game loss of Trivia Pursuit. Somehow the planets aligned in such a way that Pookie and Shorty creamed Boo and me at TP. It was ugly. It was violent. It was an ass kicking of the highest order. Though I later had a flourish of trumpet, bankrupting all of the other players at Monopoly, the victory was hollow since I had already pulled my poor unsuspecting husband into the Trivia Pursuit losers pit and contributed to his "Worst Gaming Night In The History of Forever." I suspect this is why I will not be enjoying impure carnal privileges of marriage, foot rubs, or dinners out for the next week or so. I am used to getting killed at TP. I don't like it, but I am use to it. My husband though, he was unprepared for the trauma. He never loses when it comes to the Pursuit of Trivia. He was so verklepmt, later he wouldn't wheel and deal with me during Monopoly. I felt so bad that I was going to give him two, not one but two properties, for free, so he could have a monopoly. He refused.

Last night was a marquee night, not only because my suckdom at TP spread to Boo, or he who   never   rarely loses at TP, but also because it is the first time I have ever requested "the darkest table in the restaurant please" for dinner. I'm not sure why Pookie was seeking the darkness, but as the hostess with the mostest, I tried to meet his every whim (and that must be why we tanked at the TP, as hosts it was our duty to lose, and it is a duty we took very seriously). In any event, I think it will be awhile before we return to the dinner establishment as I am sure they thought we were drinking goat's blood and swapping kidding porn at our dark table.

With all of this darkness and gaming, I'm sure you think I have not been knitting, nor have I decked our halls. But you'd be wrong. Wrong! WRONG! So very wrong! I have completed the gussets on both socks and now I just need to turn a little heel or two and I will be rolling up the leg. I should be done by Friday. I also have the halls decked but for a tweaking of the fireplace garland. I may suck at TP, but I am on the ball when it comes to ... something. I was going to say the holidays, but since I haven't started my holiday shopping, I shan't say that.

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