Thursday, December 27, 2007

She's Going For Speed

I've started knitting another scarf and I hope to have it done by New Year's. I suspect this short timeline is what's causing the musical loop in my head of Cake's song The Distance. Fortunately I like cake ... both the band and the food, so it's all good.

The scarf, Argosy, is being knit in up with another bit my summer vacation yarn, some Artfibers Basque. I think it's been discontinued since it's not on the Artfibers website (and it also is listed as discontinued on Ravelry), which is a shame because I really like it. Well except for the fact that the dye is rubbing of on everything.

And I do mean everything. It's gotten my fingers, my clothes and the needles. I kept laughing at the perfect red line on my little finger where my yarn rests. I'm not too worried about the dye transfer since it washed off of my fingers with no problem ... and no elbow grease. Just a little soap and I was clean, clean, clean.

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