Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Love My Dawg

I've been having some issues making my socks work. Originally I was going with the Bellatrix Sock pattern but they kept coming out way too big. I really think the pattern would have worked nicely with the yarn, but no matter how much I futzed with the needle size, stitch number and pattern itself, they weren't working. Even if I had stumbled upon the right mix ...

... I would have been screwed since Baby Girl decided to eat my pattern notes. Bitch!

Sooo, I gave up on Bellatrix (for now) and decided to play with different stitch patterns. I was looking for something that, most importantly, had a stitch count that created socks that fit. But I also wasn't feeling anything ribbed or super lacy. I really like the yarn so I wanted the colors to be the attraction, not the pattern. Normal people would have done plain knit stitch socks, but I have my own special brand of crazy, so I came up with a variation on the feather and fan thing.

Up close I don't think it is all that impressive.

But from a distance I think they kind of look neat. Right? Right! Yah, yah. I know the stitch pattern isn't really much to look at but it does have enough going on to keep me interested and the colors aren't pooling too horribly. Oh, and, I have managed to keep my pattern away from Cujo, all three copies of it, so I should be able to finish the pair!

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