Thursday, January 31, 2008

What's Doin'

My socks are almost done. Sort of. Both heels are d-o-n-e done, and one cuff is about a half an inch or so short of finished. Due to the skimpy yarn yardage, the cuffs will be shorter, though hopefully not freakishly so when all is said and done. I had some progress shots, but they are at home, in the camera. Whoops!

ETA: Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

Since I don't have pictures I thought I would share with you my recap of last night's SnB. I was recapping the evening for a friend who couldn't make it, keeping her in the loop and all that jazz. It is neither funny nor particularly insightful, but it does take up space and allow me to practice my typing skills.

Knitting was nice. I arrived a little early and then left at 9:30ish. The group was smaller ... X was having some gusset issues on her mitts; Y skipped part of her chart and Z had some mutterings about her "goddamn sock," you could say it was not a stellar night knitting-wise. Don't worry though, we still had fun. Oh yes we did! The conversation was good, though it did veer into scarey birth stories and something about frozen maxi pads? Let's just say the J's stared at each other all WHAT THE FUCK??? There was talk of germs and psoriasis, not birth related thankfully. I think porn may have come up, as usual, and there was the requisite celebrity gossip with A giving X and I a run for our money on knowing the down low. This is not acceptable! I will have to remember to check TMZ before coming to knitting next Wednesday night. The café brought us cheesecake samples and samples of decaf, sugar free, no fat, vanilla lattes. I suspect the latter was in part due to my recent decaf, sugar free orders. Some of us thought they were tasty, others, not so much. The café folks were excited about pushing the free samples, so I wonder if they were old. I wasn't ill, so I am thinking it was all good. When I was leaving I took a left over cheesecake sample home for Boo, a la, Here Honey! I brought you a present! I am an excellent wife. I joked about not spilling it on my way out the door and then dropped the fork onto the chair my ass had just been occupying. I thought that would be the only cheesecake catastrophe. Turns out I was wrong. I dropped two-thirds of the bite-sized sample on my shoe trying to get into my car. By the time I got home Boo basically had a cheesecake schmear. Not much of a present, but the man was smart enough to fake pleasure and gratitude.


handknitbyafailedfeminist said...

Oh, dear sometimes people who have done the big B thing fel the need to share. You may kick me if I offend you with birth or birth related stories. I will not accept and retroactive kicks if I offended you in the past!

Anonymous said...

The icepacks REAKLLY are nice. Don't be scared of the icepacks!

A South Park Republican said...

No offense! :)

More of a, Oh Shit! What have I gotten myself into???