Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ate My Way Through Boston

This past weekend I went to Boston for Girls Weekend v. 2 and it was lots 'o fun! My hostess gift was the most wretchedly painted pottery piece ever, painted during the Second Annual Girls Weekend v. 1. It was a huge hit though. Really it was. Madam Hostess was thrilled. As thrilled as if I had given her, say, a fresh pile of elephant dung.

Yah, the "blending technique" didn't work for squat. Even though I gave the worst, or at least most unattractive, hostess gift ever, no one kicked me, tripped me, or left me to fend for myself in a city full of people who talk funny. We saw a movie (27 Dresses, it was cute and didn't make me cry), wandered Quincy Market, rode the T (something I had never done before), and I even managed to get a row or two done on the socks (yah, I know, a row or two, not something I should be bragging about, but hey, I am now done with my gusset increases and it's time for the heel turn; that means I am halfway done, maybe even less since this yarn is skimpy with the yardage). Oh, and we ate.




Even with all of the normal day-to-day eating, I still had room for cake.

Surprise baby shower cake, yummm! Way back when I first came out of the we're-having-a-baby closet, Kay mentioned that she would not be throwing me a baby shower. To which I replied okay, we should have a Girls Weekend instead. Apparently I am a greedy biatch (something that Crazy thinks too as she is telling people that I am very selfish) because Kay thought this meant I was requesting a Girls Weekend Shower. I wasn't, but now that I've had one, I think I might advocate for some sort of deal in the future! If people agree, all Girls Weekends should end with me getting lots and lots of presents because I like presents, almost as much as I like cake!


Not only did I get great clothes and towels and toys, I also got some useful information.

Yah, it seems some people are worried about my parenting skills. Smart people! The shower was a surprise, and an   awesome   wicked cool surprise at that. I had a great time and Lady Bean is building a wardrobe to rival   mine   her dad's.


Anonymous said...

You are such a cake junkie!!

Suz said...

I'm still waiting for some pregnant belly pictures to surface on this blog. Thank you for my food pics though, keep em coming!