Thursday, February 28, 2008


D could also be for done! As in holy crap, I just completed over thirty thank you notes, I'm finally friggen Done!

Now many of you big-wedding folks may say, "Thirty? That's nuthin'. Quit your bitchin!" But for those of us who eschewed the big-wedding thing and went small and intimate, and then decided that the husband would do the thank you cards for his peeps and the wife would do the thanks you cards for her peeps* and said wife only had like six peeps, well, thirty is a lot. A WHOLE HELLUVA LOT!

*FYI - I totally recommend such a system. It's great. For us, it has evolved into Boo doing all of the cards for his peeps (birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc.) and me doing them for mine. Since I have less peeps, it works out really well. For example, one December we sat at a beach side restaurant and filled out our holiday cards. I was done in twenty minutes and got to spend quality time gazing at the water (and the oddly clad freaks on the beach) while Boo kept writing and writing and writing. The only real downside is that my peeps never get their cards on time because I suck at remembering such things. On the other hand, his peeps get their cards on time because I'm not in charge of remembering such things!


Anonymous said...

Dear jebus, you have got to get some address labels!!! Don't charities send them to you for free...or have they given up on you? Love, Joan.

Claire said...