Thursday, February 28, 2008

D is for ...

Decaffeinated Spiced Chai.

Decaffeinated spiced chai that tastes like dung, to be exact. Which honestly, makes no sense to me. I've been a lover of decaf tea for a long time. In fact, I have people ship or deliver or smuggle me my favorite decaf tea from down South since I can't get it in Connecticut. I also really love chai and can drink two whole pots of it in one sitting (yes, Passiflora chai rooibos I'm talking to you!) and I have gone so far as to create my own chai recipe that I can mix up when I am feeling saucy. So it seems like I should really like the pre-made decaffeinated spiced chai, but I don't. Which is a shame because it is seriously easy to make.

D is also for ...

... Duped! Crazy just saw the box of decaffeinated spiced chai sitting on my desk and asked me if I like it. I said, "No, not really." Well, she just reached over, took it off of my desk, and said, "I have a friend (I'm not sure I believe this ... how can that crazy bitch have a friend?) at the gym who would like it so I'll give it to her." Then she turned around and walked out of my office, tea in hand. Um, what the fuck?

... Damn Disaster! As in, trying to re-locate two huge shelving units full of yarn, without first removing the yarn, will create results that can only be described as DISASTROUS. There is no photographic evidence of the move as my tears, frustration, and general temper tantrum needed not to be photographed. Let's just say the whole process sucked and that we had some fatalities in yarn, knickknack, and shelving form. On the upside, neither the husband nor I suffered any permanent injury. And, at least it is done. Sort of. But we are not going to talk about that.

... Duh! I've been having twice weekly non-stress tests to check on Lady Bean. She is fine, so basically I have a bit of free knitting time twice a week. If you add that into the other knitting time I sneak in, you'd think I would be done with, or pretty damn close to finishing, Clapotis. Except that on Monday, I left my Clapotis pattern at the doctor's office. Duh! I could have downloaded a new copy and kept knitting, expect my copy of the pattern has my notes on it and I'm gonna need it back anyway, so why print out a temporary copy? I'll just be killing a harmless little tree if I do that!

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