Monday, February 04, 2008

A Most Embarrassing Truth

Windows Vista is KICKING MY ASS! That isn’t a most embarrassing truth that I have to share with you, but since it is messing with my blogging ability, or rather my spell checking in Blogger ability, well, I just had to share. I suspect it could be considered an embarrassing truth being that I AM A SENTIENT THINKING HUMAN and it is a COMPUTER PROGRAM, but well, let’s not think about that. Also, let's not think about any spelling errors you may see as it is 100% Windows Vista's fault. Instead let’s think about something even more embarrassing ...

I seem to have lost some yarn! I know! How do you lose yarn? Well if you are me, you lose it after you carefully pack it into your backpack for a train ride. Maybe you don’t get your first project done as quickly as you think you will since you are blinded by unsightly pooling (a pooling so unsightly that I've heard, "Wow, I've never seen pooling that big before!") which means you don’t get to your second project. And perhaps somewhere along the way, well, the yarn goes poof.

The yarn was going to be for pedicure socks. I can’t reach my feet in any way that is comfortable and I can’t have ugly, nasty, nekid toes (this is a “thing” of mine, I know it is unusual, but it is, so let’s just acknowledge it and accept as a fact that I must have painted toenails). Since I can’t comfortably reach my toes long enough to paint them, I am getting pedicures. Pedicures in the winter. Pedicures that make my bare feet cold when I leave. This is the reason why I must have pedicure socks. Toute suite! Anywho, I had two balls of the pink stripeyness and one ball of the black. The black was some unknown quantity from my aunt’s stash and the pink was something I bought. As you can see, I am down to one ball of pink. Now losing your yarn may be dumb, but it would normally only be mildly embarrassing, if embarrassing at all. Hell, I've lost yarn that I am in the middle of knitting before. But losing this yarn is actually embarrassing because, well, because of the type of yarn it is.

In case you are unfamiliar with the brand, let me give you a close up of the label.

Yes folks, I, yarn snob extraordinaire, knowingly purchased 100% plastic, I mean acrylic, a/k/a ickrylic in some circles. Granted, I bought this several years ago, but still. I am embarrassed by my purchasing choice and embarrassed that I couldn’t even hold on to it once I was committed to using it in a real project. Yes, it does help that the yarn that I lost was el cheapo acrylic, and maybe the loss is the natural order of things ... nature reasserting the natural balance of things by removing the acrylic from me one way or another. But still. How do you lose yarn?

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Lisa said...

Acrylic is bad? It looks pretty!