Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hiding the Hemorrhoid

Okay, I have to make the hemorrhoid thing go away. I could delete it, but, well, after three months at home with a newborn, I may need to remind myself of why life at work sucks big ole monkey balls. So, instead of deleting, I will honor Joan's request and provide inside pictures of the diaper bag ...

Bag closed, from the top:

Bag opened, from the top, with my belly intruding:

Bag opened, from the top, only lighter because black = hard to photograph:

I'll also give you an update on my pedicure socks ... just need to cast off! That wasn't much of an update was it? How about an update on Lady Bean who is weighing in at 5lbs., 10oz., but still has six more weeks to  cook  grow. Or, how about an action shot of my Clapotis which should be a lot further along than it is.

If you are familiar with the pattern, you will probably note that there are way too many ticks next to section two. That would be because me, I not so good at following directions. Or rather, not so good at reading directions. You are suppose to do SIX additional repeats. Not TWELVE. Just in case, you know, you are like me, and, um, blonde, you might find that helpful. It is too bad I didn't realize that I only had to do six repeats sometime before I finished repeat number ten.

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