Monday, March 10, 2008

Bucket List

Lately, or rather, every other night or so, I wake up to pee and then am struck with wicked insomnia. Having been an All-Pro, All-American, All-Star sleeper, this is absolutely HORRIFIC for me. I use to be able to "nap" for four hours, go about my business and then sleep for another eight hours when it was bed time. Now, not so much. It sucks. But it also gives my brain time to percolate over the ridiculous and the sublime. More often the ridiculous. Which is how, I ended up making my own 'bucket list.'

Though it doesn't yet feel quite real, all signs are pointing to "Yes, you will be having a child in three and a half weeks!" Which means that kid-free life is about to kick the bucket. The next logical thought, for the sleep deprived at four in the a.m., is that Boo and I need to create our version of a bucket list. Granted, now is the worst possible time work-wise for him to do anything fun, and I am not exactly at top form. Nonetheless, it seemed like a brilliant idea (which might be why you should never make any important decision between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. - you are either drunk or sleep-deprived).

In any event, there are a lot of possible items for our bucket list. Well, there were are 4:00 a.m., since then many of those brilliant ideas have filtered out into the ether and whenever I try to think of something I draw a blank, or utter something so silly that Boo just snorts at me and continues on with whatever he was doing. Basically, with the exception of jaunting out to Hawaii for a few days, something that unfortunately isn't possible, all of my ideas are lame and revolve around restaurants we should try or re-visit one last time and things we should buy (including camera number four now that camera number three has died which is why I have no pictures and am just yapyapyapping over here). I'm not sure what this says about my personality. Because, like I said, my ideas, well, they are lame. But, I am one to persevere - or one who has lots of middle of the night insomnia of late - so I kept thinking. And I thought some more. And I thought real hard and BAM, I came up with an idea ... a day trip to NYC. Wild, huh? I know. And, in all honesty, the impetus for a trip to NYC came while watching this so I can't even claim it was truly my idea.

Anyway, Boo use to live in NYC and he proposed to me (as opposed to some other skank) on the top of the Empire State Building, so I thought that between us (or really just based on him) we had a pretty decent familiarity with the city, but it turns out we don't. Neither of us has been to the Top of The Rock. Chu-ching! As soon as he said that he had never been, I knew we had a bucket list worthy day trip.

Now, because I am me, I am not planning the trip. Instead, I have proposed an itinerary that includes the Top of the Rock, some specific shopping, and several food stops. I am the worst trip planner and I have given him all of my ideas and said, "Make it Work!" We'll see what happens.

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