Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Deja Vu All Over Again

Remember how I was an ungrateful biatch, constantly complaining that Crazy would not stop me gifts? Well, it is starting up again!

Picture courtesy of my camera phone ... better than nuthin' right?

I'm grateful. I really am. It is a nice gesture, or it was the first dozen times. But this shit is FREAKING ME OUT. You can't loathe someone for five years, and then shower her with presents and kindness while you mock her and bitch about her behind her back. Well, you can, especially if you are certifiable. BUT IT MAKES NO SENSE. I know it is not sincere. The other shoe will drop. I know that while one hand is giving me a gift, the other is giving me the finger. Which makes it all the creepier when I say thank you and get the sing-songy joking, "You never know, there might be more!" I know that sooner or later, I am getting knifed in the back, or as Boo only semi-kiddingly said, if you're found dead with the baby cut out of you, I'm telling the cops to skip your clients and look at your boss.

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Rebecca said...

Maybe she is trying to make up for taking your tea that you didn´t like?