Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Last weekend was a weekend of holidays. First, Boo and I celebrated our anniversary, which I guess technically is not a holiday and it wasn't even our actual anniversary, but whatever. I have pictures in my camera, none of which are my finished Clapotis, and I am bored at work, so work with me. Holidays. Us, celebrating, enjoying our four year anniversary with fondue and presents.

For year four the gifts are something like plant/flower, linen/silk, and appliance. We usually try to mix it up a bit and so we decided that the big gift, the real gift, would be the pet hair eating Dyson. I'm sure you've seen the commercials. Basically James Dyson claims that Mr. Vacuum will never lose suction and our house shall become pet hair free mecca. I haven't actually used the Dyson yet, but Boo loves it and swears it is sucking the shit out of some pet hair. Mind you, for the amount of money this thing costs, Boo better love it, this biatch better not lose suction and pet hair better quake in fear. If not, well I am prepared to go all Marsellus Wallace on Mr. Dyson ... if we shelled out hundreds of dollars and still lose suction, well then I'm prepared to scour the the Earth for that motherfucker. If he goes to Indochina, I want a dude waiting in a bowl of rice ready to pop a cap in his ass.

So we bought a Dyson as the big gift (appliance) and then were left to our own devices for the rest.

Which meant that Boo received fresh linen car air freshener and Silk soy milk, which in case you are curious, taste like warmed-over ass. I received an Apple i-tunes gift card and two knitting books with patterns for linen and silk yarns. Needless to say, one of us is a much better gift giver.

The second holiday for which I have pictures was a bit more mainstream as a bunch of people celebrated Easter. As non-believers, we don't really do Easter. I mean, we'll indulge in candy, but that is just because its fun. Not religiously significant to us, and really, I've heard that chocolate is a religious, and sometimes even orgasmic, experience but I can't see the connection between chocolate bunnies and Christ. Anywho, when Easter does roll around, I do like to be sure that the candy we partake in is good candy and over the years I have found the perfect candy blend.

You take a bag of candy coated milk chocolate eggs, and a bag of candy coated peanut butter eggs and you mix them together in a bowl.

Then you leave the bowl in some easily accessible place where you often will walk by. Each time you do, you grab a handful of goodness. Maybe you get all chocolate, maybe you get all peanut butter, maybe you get a mix. It is a mystery. A mystery that can only be solved by eating the goodness!

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