Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Objectively Creepy

I was going to regale you with tales of Clapotis and of how I am this close to be done, which isn't really all that close, but it sure does feel like it. Especially since I am decreasing which means each row gets a little bit shorter and quicker. And, I was going to tell you about how I am not liking the socks I started and poll people for patterns that work for variegated yarn, patterns that wouldn't be obscured by the colors in the yarn. I was going to throw in some Ten on Tuesday action and tell you about where I'd take a tourist in my town. I was even going to fess up to being a cheater and having to look at local tourist info for some ideas because crikey, my town is small and not chock-a-block full of adventure. But then. But then, I came to work and found another present on my desk.

And I thought ... Well. I'll be damned. I guess saying, "Stop! You are going overboard. It's too much. No more! Mo mas!" wasn't really clear. I guess I was not specific enough with the whole, "Seriously, I really appreciate your generosity, but you have to stop." I was going to make a big fat joke and laugh and haha. I took the picture above for the blog and figured maybe I should hold a contest and if you guessed the gift I'd give you something fun. Like a stick in the eye. Or yarn. Or something else if you were a non-knitter. Hardy har har. Fun fun fun. A contest! The whole contest idea being my own token way to balance my karma for being so bitchy about the constant stream of presents that, under normal circumstances would be a sweet, kind, generous thing but under the circumstances of coming from Crazy was just plain weird. But then. But then I opened the card and it said this.

Honestly, that freaks me out just a bit. As Boo said, it is objectively creepy. It isn't just odd or uncomfortable or creepy because it is from Crazy, who is crazy. Or because it is from the managing attorney, someone not my friend, who I am not close to, my boss. It is just creepy. Period. My life is a Law & Order episode waiting to happen.


Jenn said...

Google tells me I don't have permission to view that, so what's it say?

A South Park Republican said...

WTF google? Why you doing me wrong? Here is the link:


Hopefully that will work. If not, it is a picture of the card which is basically a card from my unborn baby ... eww!

The Woolgatherer said...

Creepy--and someone should tell her that she can't spell, or was that on purpose to be more "kidlike"??? In any case--creepy!

Lisa said...

That is weird -- psycho weird. You need to get out of there.

Sue said...

WTF??? Seriously. A Law and Order episode indeed.

Rebecca said...

OMG. Forget Law & Order, this is like Boston Legal crazy. Does David E Kelley write the dialogue for this woman?