Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No Foolin'

According the the forces that be (or my doctors), I will be birthing Lady Bean on Thursday. In preparation for this event, Boo and I decided we needed to narrow down the name thing to three choices, pack the hospital bag, decide how long we are going to board the dog, make arrangements for boarding the dog, pack a bag for the dog, finish decorating Lady Bean's room, clean the house, buy some groceries, and basically get everything ready for a smooth transition home. So far, we've ... um ... well, we watched Law & Order, had Taco Bell for dinner, discussed the merits of ordering Showtime when the new season of Dexter starts, researched camcorders, debated the merits of Spearmint (I say no good: smells and tastes like Pepto-Bismal - which is intentionally misspelled because that stuff tastes and smells abysmal; he says: yum; obviously he is WRONG), and thought up all of the worst names possible without coming close to getting three good ones. Oh, and we argued about the stuff that needs to go on the list of stuff we need to get done before Thursday. In other words, we have done nothing productive.

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Jenn said...

Holy crap, Thursday!