Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

I almost missed it. Two on Tuesday almost passed me by, again AGAIN! It is a good thing I decided to put off working on things that need to be worked on (Me: What about Joba for a girl, you know, like Joba Chamberlain? Boo: Are you high?) and decided to fart around on the computer. Otherwise you would never have the joy of learning about ...

Ten Things I'd Fix in My Home (if I had the time and money)

10. Two words: New. Kitchen.

9. Two (more) words: New. Bathrooms.

8. Hire someone to paint the living room (damn you cathedral-esque ceilings that our ladder can't reach).

7. Expand the front area of house to make the dining and living rooms bigger while creating a front porch.

6. Even out the back yard and put up a fence.

5. Use the fence to keep our new, in-ground, uber deep and long swimming pool with an attached hot tub/jacuzzi safe from intruders.

4. Replace the subflooring under the hardwood floors.

3. Add a fireplace in the family room ... right after we rip out the gawdaful faux wood paneling.

2. Build an addition as part of the kitchen remodel that also includes a master suite.

1. Install a winch and pulley system to pull my car up the driveway when it is super snowy and icy.

Geeze, after reading this, I wonder why we are still living in our house. Oh right, because we don't have the time and money to do these things. Duh!

And thus concludes my farting around.

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