Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Highlights, vol. 1

I walk into my office to find a sign from the gang (nice) and a present from Crazy,which, for the record, brings us up to six animals. I am feeling a bit like Noah.

I know y'all are some jealous biatches but you better step off my pink striped zebra!

I decided to take a picture to represent what going back to work meant to me ... knitting and napping time. But my inbox was so full, it tipped over when I put my yarn on top.

I was hugged by Crazy and then groped ... after hugging me (WTF?), she stepped back, put her hands on the girls and said, "Oh! I should be careful of those, I don't want to get wet."

I start to sort through the "personal mail" pile on my desk and find a court notice ... informing me of a hearing on MAY 9, 2008.

It's only 9:41 a.m. ... this is going to be a GREAT day!

1 comment:

Kaylea said...

You know she was checking to ensure that despite the fact that she's 25+ years older than you, she still has the firmest breasts in the office.