Wednesday, July 02, 2008

More Cowbell

Lady Bean received a present in the mail today. A present from Crazy. Well, actually, a present from Crazy's cats. Go figure.

Why yes, those are three more garbage bag animals. Apparently, we are building a menagerie. A menagerie of sharp, pointy (did I mention sharp?) bag animals that are TOTALLY appropriate for an infant.

And, for the record, I am screwed when it comes time to identify the brown guy cause I have no inkling of exactly what he is. A mini-Snuffleupagus?


Rebecca said...

Maybe it's a kiwi.

Or that guy from South Park... what's his name again?

That chick is beyond weird.

Anonymous said...

That just made my day!!! Those are the most hilarious pieces of trash I have ever seen.
I think the mystery one is an elf bat.

Suz said...

And you didn't pick one of these for the re-gift? I find that any of those would have taken the cake. Wow....

SueC said...

U don't think he's a moose?