Monday, December 17, 2007

I Drive No Good

This morning I crashed into a snow bank. This has absolutely nothing to do with anything else in this post, but really, how often do you get to say you crashed into a snow bank? One might say it was totally my fault as I didn't really closely examine the amount of snow and ice the plow folks deposited at the bottom of our driveway. I say it was not my fault (though who was at fault is not exactly what you might call clear if it's not me, the one who was driving) because our driveway is too long and steep for me to tell these things without, you know, walking down to the bottom first, and jeez, that is totally ridiculous when the temperature is in the single digits. But then again, I wasn't the one who suffered shower-interuptus and had to go outside in those single digit temperatures, while still damp, to dig my spouse's car out of, or off of, the snow bank. If I was the digging out spouse, maybe my position on blame would be different. Anyway, there you have it, backed onto a snow drift, got stuck, whoops!

In other news, the PT socks (i.e., socks for my personal trainer) are done! Finally, a finished objects in these parts! It was hard to photograph them without putting them on my feet. Since they are a size or so smaller than my foot, it was ugly when I acted as the model. Think sausage feet. Eek. I don't have sock blockers either. Which kind of sucks. I did try to whip up a pair out of card board, and the result was uninspired. I didn't have any metal hangers lying about, so there yah have it. Socks looking funny for pictures.

As you may recall, TWG made matching mittens. Unfortunately, the two pairs have not yet been united so there is no photographic evidence of their matchiness. Which is just fine, and not all that unfortunate, because the mittens, they outshine the socks. So better keep 'em separated.

I really like the contrasting color bits and think they match quite nicely, but not too much. The socks were a delight to knit, though weaving in all of the ends sucked big fat rotten eggs. Me no likey the weaving!

These socks are fun socks. They like to play and party and attack small plastic animals. Animals that were one of the gifts from Crazy. Speaking of gifts from Crazy, today I found this on my desk ...

Another day, another gift. I will say that thus far, this was the best of the lot. It is a box of three Gorham teddy bear ornaments for Lady Bean. Weird, as the Lady Bean still has to cook a whole hell of a lot more. Also, I really feel slightly stalked. But this is a nice thought. At least that is what I am telling myself.

Yarn: Socks That Rock, medium weight, colors Tanzanite and Nodding Violet (actually I'm not sure about the Nodding Violet, that is a guess), 1 skein of Tanzanite and half a skein of the other. Left overs of each.
Needles: Addi Circs, size 3.0 mm (US 2)
Pattern: Monkey
Modifications: Removed four stitches from the pattern bit to make 'em smaller. Knit them toe up.
Time: 12 days.
Care: Machine wash, dry flat.

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The Knitting Blog by Mr Puffy the Dog said...

Wonderful job on the socks. I like the contrasting colors too - but agree that weaving in the ends is the pits. I had a co-worker pshyco once - actually twice - one male admirer and one crazy female. The male admirer left presents (roses, chocolates, etc.)and the female crazy just well acted crazy - one day super nice - next day stared daggers. Hope your crazy finds a new object for attention soon.