Monday, October 27, 2008


Gah! Another year, another loss?!? Are you kidding me?

The Big Bad Wolf à la Grandma was PISSED!

Actually she wasn't. Or rather, she was pissed that we wouldn't stay and let her play with the other dogs after her disappointing finish. My poor Baby Girl, she was a loooooser. And, she lost to two store bought costumes which just burns my ass. I mean anyone can go out and spend $20 on a costume but to go out and craft together something, I mean come on, there should be points for that. I sewed a skirt from scratch BY HAND for my kid - THE PROP - how could that not be awesomely winsome? One of the three finishers was homemade and it was kind of a good costume. Maybe you couldn't see the seems and maybe it was even bedazzled. I don't like the dog so much, but the costume was fair and I can swallow losing it to it. Actually I can't. I am bitter about the whole thing. Not sure quite what that says about me ... other than my sewing skills are so sub-par that they killed Dogbert's Halloween victory!

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Sue said...

you were robbed Dogbert, robbed!!

store bought costume indeed.