Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lycopersicon Esculentum L

Sometimes I look out at my "garden" and I feel quite pleased, other times I look out and think that I am an idiot. Most often, if I ignore the prolific plantings of my friends, I feel like a smug idiot, which is a nice blending of the two. Yesterday, I was leaning more towards smugness than idiot when I spied this here tomato.

It is beautiful! Properly tomato shaped. Pretty red color. How could I not feel smug? Now, this isn't exactly something I've grown from scratch. This was the plant I bought that already had one baby tomato on it (which subsequently died) and I figured this would be a good bar ... it had one tomato so if it grew no more, well then it was because I am cursed, not because the plant was defective. So, my point as convoluted as it is, is that I can't really say I grew this tomato (though it wasn't even a flower when I got the plant) since the plant was kind of doing it on its own but even so, I still felt awesome about my tomato growing skills. Well, until I took a step back and looked at the actual plant.

In case you can't tell, 99% of the leaves are brown, yellow and dying. Awesome, eh? Now the plant has been in this sad state for some time now and still managed to make that one beauty, so I am cautiously hopeful that the others will ripen and not wither and die. Otherwise I will have paid $11 for one, albeit pretty, tomato, which is kind of lame.

The tomato plant that I actually did buy as a squirt, and didn't cheat on at all is, well, doing squat. Actually, that is not totally true. The topsy turvy tomato that I have babied and given lots of love is giving me squat, but the one that I had in its original pot for months and months and only a week ago planted in a proper pot, well it is showing potential.

It has one lonely, unripe,cherry tomato on it ... I am keeping my fingers crossed!


Lisa said...

The one red one looks pretty good! Have you eaten it yet? Did it taste as good as it looked?

MUDNYC said...