Friday, July 17, 2009


So I've been plugging away on my Jaywalkers and I finished both toes and both feet and was on to the gusset and heel of the first sock when I remembered the tragedy that befell my green Jaywalkers (where the the gusset and heel were longer than the foot and I had to cut the toe off and perform some knittery magic) and I got a little nervous. Well one thing led to another and I got out the green Jaywalkers and I compared and then I hemmed and then I hawed and then I hemmed and hawed and then I decided to not do as many gusset increases and then I compared some more and then I hemmed and hawed again and then I put on the socks and said MUTHERFUCKER!

I had done exactly one row of the heel turn and there were like five million left which meant it was going to be WAY TOO BIG and how did I not learn this painful lesson from the last go around? Needless to say there was a whole bunch of ripping. And by whole bunch I mean inches. Yes, inches. Plural. As in I wasted precious nap time on knitting shit that I had to unknit. MUTHERFUKER!

I had to rip back through that dark plummy purple stripe. That is over four inches of knitting. GAHHHH. And? And. And I had to do it twice. Because I had to do it to the other sock. Have I said mutherfuker yet?

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