Sunday, October 11, 2009


Right now my husband is in Las Vegas. Without me. Thus, the awesomeness of him being in Vegas is slightly less awesome as far as I am concerned. But then, I am selfish like that. I suppose if he comes home with a several thousand dollars extra, or even a few honeys, I'll re-evaluate my position, but for now I am merely at "Yeah for him." I'm glad he is off having fun with his bud, his boy, his manfriend, but I'd rather him be here having fun with me. In any event, he is gone and I have been single-parenting. I thought it was totally going to suck, but actually it has not been as terrible as I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong, each day has had it's share of drama, or trauma (think worm in tub, fall off of landing, and rabid deer), but all in all, it hasn't been that bad. What has been bad is the pain in my butt. Literally, I have pregnancy induced (at least I hope that it is from The Deuce and not something else) sciatica. Which sounds kind of benign but in fact causes me such pain that I end up frozen in queer ass positions and looking like a total toolbag. Mind you, I could care less about looking like a toolbag, I like to think this is one of the skills I excel at, but it really feels like adding insult to injury when you are stuck, hunched over, with your arse half in and half out of the car.

On the upside, sitting on the couch knitting? It doesn't cause me excruciating pain so I have made quite a bit of progress on Osprey. Well, quite a bit for the me as of late, which is to say that I am almost done with the long band bit. I still have an inch (which should get done tonight as I finish out the DVR'd Say Yes to the Dress - LOVE. THAT. SHOW. Want to get married again. Took out my wedding dress to put it on for shits and giggles!) and then I am on to the ruffles which is more than two-thirds of the scarf. But still. Progress. Which I need to make since in five or so weeks I need to start another C'mas stocking.

Which brings me to a question: Do you think I should buy and knit another one of the Googleheims kits? I loved and hated Lady Bean's stocking. Stocking? Pretty, though possibly cursed. Company that put the stocking kit together? Less than ideal. Obviously I have learned my lesson as far as getting the stocking wet, which I shall NEVER. EVER. DO. AGAIN. So I don't foresee any problems with the stocking itself. No problem with the stocking means no need to deal with the company. On the other hand, do I really want to support this company? Give it my (or rather, my husband's) hard earned cash? Especially since I was told I would be given a free replacement stocking and instead got bupkis. What do you think?

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