Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NaBloPoMo, 18

18 Things I Wish I Did Today But Didn't
Another list, because it is the eighteenth day of NaBloPoMo and I still have nothing interesting and I could type this on my phone while I was pumping.

1. Hang curtains, any curtains, even toilet paper curtains, in master bedroom.
2. Clean the bathroom floors.
3. Make a Goodwill donation run.
4. Starbucks ... going through Pumpkin Spice Latte withdrawal is ugly.
5. Organize TD's room (I did sort of start on this but then there was hunger, poop, and a need for attention so I'm not even halfway done and it stays on the list).
6. Cure LB's cold - granted this is an impossible thing to do, but still.
7. Make dinner that consists of real food, not prepackaged microwave foods or fruit.
8. Make extra dinners and freeze them, 'cause if I'm gonna cook, I might as well cook.
9. Go for a walk - I did ponder this but decided it was too chilly for TD. Also, I'm not sure where my bra is.
10. Do my laundry. This might have unearthed a bra.
11. Paint my toenails. They look sketchy.
12. Paint my fingernails. They look plain.
13. Nap. Actually this can be replaced with "Sort out misc. papers in office" as I did doze off for thirty minutes.
14. Swap out LB's toys for the ones in the basement.
15. Shave my legs. I did get a quicky quick shower so I shouldn't complain.
16. Wax my eyebrows, or rather eyebrow. I need to make the one furry one into two.
17. Clean the hardwood floors. I'm thinking we need a steam mop. Or, rather this is my excuse for not having done them.
18. Fix LB's blackout shade. I broke it and kind of rigged it which means it can't open.

In other news, I am hoping to leave the house tonight for a short stint of knitting at Starbucks (hello lover, I mean latte). Maybe something will happen which will be blogworthy and I can get past the lists ...

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Jenn said...

There's Starbucks near you? For some reason, I thought you lived not far from my in-laws and all they have is Dunkin Donuts as far as the eye can see. In fact, I don't remember seeing a Starbucks anywhere in New England.