Thursday, November 19, 2009

NaBloPoMo, 19

I'm not sure if it is unfortunate or fortunate, but I did managed to leave the house last night, but I did not manage to do anything asinine enough to be blogable. Considering that I forget my name half the time, the fact that I left the house and returned to it a few hours later, all in one piece, seems like a win-win.

Speaking of win-win, can we talk turkey? For the record, turkey has nothing to do with win-win. That was my attempt at a seamless transition. And though it might have worked, it make no sense. Moving on. At my husband's urging, I (probably) will not be cooking a turkey this year. Instead, I plan to buy a pre-made turkey. Anyone ever purchased a pre-made turkey and if so, thoughts? I am leaning toward the Honey Baked Ham Company as it seems to be reasonably priced (unlike Williams-Sonoma ... deep-fried turkey teasing bastards!) and I have heard of it which implies that the food does not suck. Well, not really, I have heard of many places with sucktastic food. But I don't recall hearing bad things, so that's good. Sort of.

Here is a random picture of TD. She is not a turkey, and though she has the skinniest little chicken legs, she will not be gnawed on (by anyone other than me) for Thanksgiving.

Anywho, the upside of not cooking a turkey is that I will have more free time on Thanksgiving. Normally that might mean baby time, but BiL5 will be here, as will a niece, so I am thinking knitting time ... we shall see.


MUDNYC said...

Why don't you just skip the turkey and order out the whole meal? And btw, that is one cute duece.

A South Park Republican said...

Isn't that cheating? I mean this way I can claim I cooked T'giving dinner and my nose won't grow :)