Friday, June 04, 2010


"Get Fat for Free!" proclaimed my local news paper, which was a reminder that today, today is NATIONAL DOUGHNUT DAY! Woot, woot! And, not only is it a HUGE holiday, it is a huge holiday where you can get a free doughnut at the Dunkin Donuts. This was such big news that not only was it on the front page of my local paper, it was also the lead story on my local news. The lead story which LB saw and absorbed. The lead story which persuaded LB to tell me I should go get some of "mommy's coffee." Being such a warm and loving mom, I took LB to DD and got some coffee. And that was all. Yes, I bought coffee and forgot to get the free doughnut. And the kicker is, not only did I flake out and forget the free doughnut, LB flaked out and forgot the doughnut too!

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