Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Yesterday I went to the Shop Rite that just opened in our neighborhood. Because the store is brand new, the customer service is amazing. I was greeted by a young woman who gave me an aisle directory and gave LB and TD each their very own pink balloon (FYI this was HUGE as I was able to shop for ten whole minutes without either kid melting down). I was then escorted over to an area by produce where I got my Shop Rite card (it is a store coupon card type thing which I never saw until moving to New England). Anyway, as I am getting the card, LB sees strawberries and mentions she'd like some for when her friends come over. And the woman helping with the cards hears this and hands me a coupon for ninety-nine cent strawberries, which she tore from the weekly circular for me. Now, knowing I have the attention span of a newborn and the memory of a gnat, I clutch the coupon in my hand with my wallet so that I can't possibly pay without seeing, and using, the coupon. I shop for ten minutes or so and pick up half a dozen items, including the strawberries, and then I pay. After unloading my kids and my groceries into the car, I reach over to the seat next to me to put my wallet back in my purse. AND NOTICE THE COUPON CLUTCHED IN MY HAND NEXT TO MY WALLET.

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