Monday, March 05, 2012

Melted Bead Bowl

While not an addict, per se, I do find myself checking out all things Pinterest once (or twice) a day.  Every so often I see a project, or a nail polish, that grabs me and forces me into immediate compliance.  As was the case with the melted bead bowl.  Now, I know me, and I know I often have big visions and shite results (Turkish Bed Socks I'm looking at you!), so I bought the inexpensive rainbow assortment of melty beads (as opposed to the more tonal colors) and figured if I hit this out of the park then I'd dump the rainbow stuff on the kids and go get me some tonal goodness. 
I followed the directions from as explained in the link above, which were not super detailed, but adequate.  I preheated my oven to 350° F.  Then I went in search of a bowl.  When I found that my Pyrex bowl was dirty, I picked out another glass bowl which I assumed would be oven proof (this assumption proved correct ... whew).  I sprayed that sucker with Pam cooking spray.  Like a lot.  That baby was lubed up.  In fact a little puddle formed at the bottom.  I was worried about the Pam puddle but decided to boldly go forth and ignore it.  Then I dumped in a hand full of beads.  I added a hand full at a time until the bottom was covered.  And then I thought, "SHIT!  Are these all suppose to be oriented in the same way so that they are all side up or hole-end up??"  A glance at the Pinterest picture lead me to think that orientation was not an issue (much like it should not be an issue in marriage, but I digress), and I carried on.  I rotated the bowl and added more beads and pushed down any that rolled to the bottom.  It took some time but eventually I had it up the sides in one even, though not samely oriented, layer. 

And I was ready to approach the oven.  I decided to put my bowl on a cookie tray so that if there was a mass meltdown it, just maybe, might be contained on the tray. Then I baked it.  For ten minutes.  And it still didn't seem melted.  So I took it out, wrapped a ladle in wax paper and mushed the whole thing down.  Then I baked it at 400° F for another five minutes.  Then I set it on the counter to cool.  It popped out no problem, though it was very Pam-tastic and slimy.

At first blush this looks like a great bowl, yes? WRONG! Rotate the bowl and you'll see ... my fingers?

I done lost a chunk of my bowl! And there is there is a line, or fissure, where the sides and bottom don't meet up.  

The actual bottom of the bowl seemed to really have melted and my wax paper ladle mashing seemed to have bonded those puppies together.  So I decided to give this bowl another go.  I rePammed my glass bowl, put the bead bowl back in, replaced the chunk that fell out, added some extra beads on top, put it back in a 400° F oven, started typing up this blog post, and totally forgot about the bowl.  A quick check just revealed some of the beads are LIQUEFIED.  Whoops! I feel like this most recent rendition is going to take quite some time to cool. So, you know, to be continued.

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