Saturday, September 02, 2006

It's Been One of Those Days

I woke up early to meet some of the SnB girls for a little Saturday morning knitting. Though I over-slept, I still managed to shower and get there on time. I even got a nice parking spot. So far so good (we'll ignore the over-sleeping bit). I brought along the snarled mess as well as my socks thinking I could ask for suggestions about the knots and then work on the socks. I started with the socks and as I was knitting along I realized I had a perfectly round hole. In the middle. About an inch down from where I was working. I thought I must have dropped a stitched. Nope. I added one. One of my SnB'ers looked at it for me and said I could fix it by stitching it up later or ripping it back. Yah, I'm anal, I ripped. Then I showed her the mess of the scarf, she just shook her head sadly. There was talk of cutting the yarn and suggestions on how to hide the break. Not what I was hoping for. Another SnB'er, who is apparently as knot challenged as I, worked on it for an hour. When I got home I worked on it for two more hours. The progress was minimal. I cut the yarn (and am still sick over it). I worked on it for another hour. It was still unknittable.

I wanted to clean the house before we left for our trip (yeah! a vacation! happy stuff!) so I thought I would vacuum first. Though I don't have a Dyson (Dear Santa ... ), I still like to vacuum. It soothes me. It does not, however, soothe the animals. Cat hid in one room and Baby Girl ran into another. Somehow Baby Girl backed herself into the office with no way out. She was scared shitless.

Literally! Needless to say, I ended up mopping the floors as well. I tried to keep my humor. I e-mailed Boo a picture of the poop. He was working and I snickered at the thought of him opening that missive up.

When I went to put my cleaning supplies away, I lightly tapped the shelf above the cleaning supply shelf. It holds my nail polish, a bottle of which was sitting on the edge. I am sure you are not surprised to hear that the bottle fell and exploded. There was nail polish and glass everywhere. More unplanned cleaning commenced.

Cookies, I thought, cookies would make this day better. I made a batch of my regular chocolate cookies and decided to throw in some toffee chips. I prepared the first tray of cookies and had enough batter for about three more cookies. They wouldn't fit so I put the first tray in and loaded up a second for when the first was finished. After about 25 minutes and three checks, I couldn't figure out why the first tray was not cooking. Turns out the stove was on 250 not 350. Whoops! I upped the heat and threw the first tray back in with the second. I figured the first tray could use an extra minute at the proper temperature. Wrong. The first tray caught on fire. The smoke alarm went off. Turns out toffee chips no like high heat. Not only were the vast majority of cookies ruined, so was my favorite tray. After soaking for hours, the burned bits will not budge.

Fortunately though, the animals were not too traumatized by the alarm - no one shit themselves. Fine, I thought, I'll work on my tangled yarn some more and watch some t.v. - I worked for FOUR more hours ... it is sill unknittable. I gave up and went back to cleaning. As I was hanging up a bag on the coat rack, the whole thing fell over. Let's hope things perk up once I start my vacation!