Thursday, September 07, 2006


SnB'ers are SO NICE. I had someone else spend all of SnB trying to untangle The Mess. I had shown up at SnB a half an hour early and spent that half and hour working on The Mess. I had maybe made two millimeters of progress. Our SnB was being held at the LYS I had purchased the yarn at so I had just about decided that I was going to throw it out and start all over. I was mentally planning a different color scheme thinking that blues were cursed (they still may be, I have no definite answer one way or the other). In any event, the SnB'ers started arriving and one spent the ENTIRE time working on untangling AND she made HUGE progress. I was able to finish my row. Not the whole set of pattern rows (yet) but at least the row that I was on. I am now feeling renewed and revived. The Mess shall be saved from the trash heap for at least another day!

We interrupt this post to announce that the boss lady, she is so not nice! Office Manager just came in to ask me, "Honestly, tell me the truth please, do I look horrible?" I said, "No! What did she say?" Tears welled and eyes watered, "She just walked up to me and said, 'You look HORRIBLE, terrible, HORRIBLE.' I know I look tired but do I really look THAT bad?" I reassured her that she looked fine, she does, and then suggested the following responses to further such comments, "Gee Crazy, I didn't realize I looked bad. Thank you so much for telling me." Or, "Huh. I didn't see how bad I look. May I have the name of your eye doctor? Maybe I need 'eye surgery'." Office Manager laughed but I don't think she'll use em.