Monday, September 11, 2006


Growing up, I would watch the nightly news with my parents and we would hear of terror attacks in Ireland (though I am sure there were other acts of terrorism, the IRA car bombs and such stood out in my mind). It always seemed so alien to me. The thought that someone would blow something up, for "God" or their religion ... ? I didn't get it. Now, years later, I still don't get it. With all the news and media coverage about the 9/11 attacks, you can't help but be introspective. You can't help remembering where you were. You can't help question why it happened or when it will happen again. Your God tells you that blowing up people is acceptable? The loss of life and property that occurred five years ago was senseless. To harm people. To destroy property. To do this for your God. Unacceptable. There is nothing that I can say that hasn't been said seven ways to Sunday so to speak (holy alliteration!), so I'm moving on to babble about the little things in my life that are significant to me but so insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Today I just realized (actually I have suspected this all along so really it was more of a confirmation than a realization) that I have done little to no work this month. This is not good. Using my some what iffy math skills, I believe I have only done 18% of my work that I should have done thus far. Yah see, we have a modified billable hour type of deal and I should be at 60 right now but instead I am at, um, 16. Yah. Not good. I suspect I am suffering from a little procrastination ...

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Mind you, knowing that I am WAY behind has not caused me to move into hyper-drive and work HARDER FASTER or even work at all. I'm still sitting here blathering away to the internet instead of pulling up my bootstraps and getting to work.

And, maybe I am just in an ornery mood, but how apropos is the name of this skirt? I mean, come on now! You are going to lace up my ass in such a way that the ribbons will accentuate the ass width? That, my friends, is some intolerable cruelty both to my ass and to your eyes!

Speaking of knitting, sock number two (of the gazillion dollar sock class) is coming along. I am going to make it match number one and hope for the best. If they are a little large, c'est la vie. Oh, and The Mess? Almost un-messed. JJ has been at it all weekend and thinks it might be done by quitting time, TODAY! That is in FIFTEEN MINTUES - 15 minutes - one quarter of one hour! If that happens, you'll have some pictures my dear internet of the un-messed masterpiece and I'll have some knitting!