Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Old Dog, New Trick

Look y'all!

I'm knitting some cables! Yah, yah, so I haven't mastered any of the other stuff I've tried. Still. Cool, huh? And, what, you may wonder (maybe you don't, but humor me because this is my blog and you should wonder damn it!) are these cables for ...

These are going to be a pair of Knitty's fingerless gloves called "fetching". Which, in all honestly, I may never wear because if I need gloves I will probably want my fingers gloved so they stay warm because it will obviously be pretty cold since I needed gloves in the first place but whatever, don't bore me with your logic because HELLO CASHMERE. Yah, they aren't 100% cashmere, but the yarn is yummy and my fingers enjoy knitting it and I am sure my um, palms and wrists will enjoy wearing them. Plus, they can be done in THREE DAYS (so said the pattern). And, I'm learning to cable. So this is good. Really.

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